Being Analogue in a Digital World


When I first took up analogue photography, my digital loving friends thought I was crazy. But after showing them my first set of photographs, I can’t help but think I may have won them over.

I was 18 when I first fell in love with a camera. It was my Dad’s old Zenit EM SLR, which is battered, heavy and a little bit worn out, but beautiful nonetheless. I couldn’t wait to show all of my photography friends!

But, in amongst all of the curious interest they showed, there was an underlying skepticism. The trouble was, all of my friends were digital photographers! They were amazed that I would bother with this funny old camera, so as I followed them around for days taking pictures, they joked that I had no idea whether I had taken any good shots and that the chances of an entire roll of blank film was worryingly high.

So when I had my first roll of film developed, the first thing I did was show it to my friends.

Suddenly there were no more jokes! They were surprised, but impressed.

I have always been struck by the charm that analogue photography still has. I love the way that even the bad shots that don’t come out right are still beautiful. I love the way that they appear faded, like a good memory. It is the imperfections and the mistakes that make them so wonderful, and it is why I have always preferred them to the cold perfection of a digital photograph.

I like not knowing if I have taken any good shots. I like that nervous 1 hour wait while the shop develops my photos. I like the little marks that cover all of my pictures, and the way that the colour is always a little off. They are what make the picture real and interesting.

In this digital age, I might always have to put up with people questioning why I bother with a battered old 35mm camera. But luckily, I can let my photographs answer those questions for me.

written by alexzenit on 2012-03-20 #lifestyle #analogue #digital #imperfection #lomography #charm #film-camera #film-photography #analogue-lifestyle #scepticism #zenit-em-slr

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