LomoAmigo Anaïs and Pedro: Trip to the USA

Through their website, Anaïs and Pedro share with us their discoveries and favorites gleaned from Marseille and its surroundings. Last summer, it’s the United States that our friends have decided to attack, equipped with two cameras and some film. Let’s go!

Full Name : Anaïs and Pedro
Location : Marseille, France
Website : Anaïs et Pedro

Introduce yourselves in a few words, please!
So we are Anaïs and Pedro, we live in Marseille (but not for long, because thanks to this article someone will find us work in the USA and we’re going to live over there…), we have a “lifestyle” blog (that’s apparently what it’s called), where we talk about our trips, our very favorites, our events, our travels, of our life in fact… to share as many things as we like. If not in the “real life” we’re a web designer and a graphic designer. And we also make T-shirts and bags that we silkscreen ourselves.

We have too many passions to write them all but to summarize what we adore : eating, partying, adventures, America (“I want to have it and I will have it” ok that’s dumb… haha !), rock (for Pedro), and unicorns for me, and we’ll stop there or else we’ll go all night…

How did you first become interested in photography ?
Well since we were little, we bathed in it a little, we had both a family that loved photography and took photos, so we grew up with it… (it’s beautiful, we’re truly meant to be together)

How long have you been Lomographers?
Pedro started with the Holga and me with the Diana at roughly the same time, a few years ago… almost six years…

What’s the strangest, funniest encounter or experience you’ve had with your camera?
Hard to find one particularly… It’s always funny and strange with us…

If your photos could be accompanied by a soundtrack of three songs… (title and artist)
Since this series is part of our trip to the USA, we chose three titles from our super playlist:
“Serenade” by The Steve Miller Band
“Fantastic Voyage” by Coolio
“Suspicious Mind” by Elvis Presley

If you could bring your cameras and film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
Anaïs : Right now, hmmm… maybe Terry Richardson’s place, because that’d be a good laugh… Or maybe Tokyo, Japan because after the United States, that’s where we’d like to go. It sounds completely crazy, awesome, fantastic, incredible… and while we’re on that, now I want to eat ramen…
Pedro : I would return to Santa Cruz

What person (alive or deceased) would you dream of photographing?
Deceased : John Lee Hooker. Alive : Lemmy Kilmister

What can you tell us about this series of photos?
Anaïs : This series is one like we said just before our trip to the United States of America we went on for one and half months last summer. It’s therefore for us unforgettable memories, yes the United States is BETTER.
(Pedro : it’s Anaïs that’s writing here… just in case…)

What advice would you give to Lomographers that are reading this?
Anaïs : Well not much. Even if you take the ugliest plate on the ugliest table… well your photo would be too good… that’s Lomography, the joy of life and success on a daily basis…
Pedro : Me, I suggest you don’t think, it’s always better

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