On the Thin Ice of Modern Life

Christmas in Lomo! With the great possibility to skate in the most important square of my city and have fun on the ice!

The title of this article is from the song “The Thin Ice” by Pink Floyd (The Wall). The modern technology allows us to have fun everywhere… and to take some photos with our beloved lomographic cameras!

And if you are not able to skate, do not worry, a cute penguin will accompany you on the ice!

The track is for everyone … after some slips you’ll learn!

And sometimes there is an hand that holds you… don’t worry, be happy!

So, have fun with your friends with this beautiful landscape behind you!

All these photos were taken with a Praktica LB with its great Pentacon 50/1,8 lens (with slighty warm tones), and with my trusty Lomo LC-A.

To have a correct exposure on the ice, and to avoid underexposed photos, is better to act on the ISO setting of your Lomo LC-A. So, if you are using a ISO 400 film you must select a speed of 100 or 200 ISO on your Lomography camera! This is because the exposure meter reads the ice as a medium grey, and the measurement becomes one or two stops wrong. Same trick if you use a selenium cell exposure meters, as the device present in my Praktica LB. If you use a TTL camera, after reading the exposure you must open the lens one or two stops (or change the time selector to a slower speed of 1 or 2 stops).

The films used in these photos are an Esselunga 400 (maybe another name for Ferrania Solaris 400), and a Fuji Superia 400.

Have fun on the ice!


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