UK CitySlicker Marianne: An Analogue Love Story


When Lomography asked me to write about a love story, the most obvious choice and the one I knew best is of course, my own! Here are some lovey-dovey photos of my boyfriend and I taken on Diana Mini, Yashica, and LC-A+!

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years now, although we had technically met four years before we started dating. We were in the same halls at University and had many mutual friends but perhaps by fate, our paths never properly crossed.

Fast-forward four years to a fancy dress party where a boy dressed as Luigi and a girl dressed as a giant banana finally (I was also boomeranging actual bananas across the dance floor) decide to chat and hit it off.

Trying raw herring in Amsterdam, although it didn’t look good, it tasted quite nice!

Our mutual love of seafood and similar tastes in films and music (and everything else) left us both with the feeling that actually, neither of us objected to spending more time together! We took a trip to Amsterdam with the Diana and Diana mini…

…and also confirmed that yes, we do get on in other countries!

Since then, we’ve got three awesome little fish and we’re currently looking to get our own place later on this year.

What I really love about us is that we well and truly share our loves and dreams. I feel really lucky that I managed to find someone who is on the same wavelength in both the big and little things. For example, one of our big dreams is to move to a warm country, live by the sea, go fishing all the time and own a seafood restaurant.

One of our shared little quirks is we both don’t like fizzy drinks with the exception of Dr Pepper (our favourite juice is mango). Although these small things are seemingly unimportant, they’re what makes us that tiny bit unique and special to each other.

Him on the LC-A, me on the Yashica-mat!

There’s nothing better in the world than the feeling that you’re going somewhere with someone who wants to be going the same way.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    It is true love! Enjoy it, document it and show it to the world!

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