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The 2007 comedy-drama film Juno won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and the Marco Aurelio International Rome Film Festival as Best Movie. In essence, you have to see it!

Juno is a promising movie directed by Jason Reitman, son of the great Ivan Reitman, director of such films as “Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters I and II, Fathers’, evolution.” The screenplay is written by Diablo Cody, a former stripper, who won the Oscar for this film!

Juno is a teenage girl who became pregnant after her first sexual relationship with Paulie, played by Michael Cera (Year 1, Superbad). After several recommendations and consultation with Paulie, along with her parents and her best friend, she initially thought of having an abortion, but then changes her mind and decides to give the baby up for adoption.

With her ​​friend and with the support of her father, she found a family willing to take care of the “bean” as she calls it. The story “thickens” when she knows the adoptive father of her future child, Mark, with whom she shares an interest in music, and his wife, Vanessa. Juno begins to frequent the house of the adoptive parents and start a friendship with Mark, up to have a slow dancing together.

I will stop now, or there will be no more surprises for you.

Juno is a beautiful movie that shows the difficulties of a young teenage mother, addressing issues such as abortion, the betrayal, the eternal question (“but, we can love forever?”) and adolescents that grow up fast—all in a youthful way, without transforming this film into a heavy one. Accompanied by such a great soundtrack, the film grossed lots of money.

PS: The Actor Michael Cera appears to be also an avid lomographer, attacked “by an umbilical cord” with its fantastic Horizon Kompakt! Have a look here!

In this movie he is with two actors of Suxxxbad!

The movie ends with a beautiful duet between Michael and Ellen, who sing “Anyone Else But You,” as two normal teenagers in love!

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  1. angels_lomo
    angels_lomo ·

    What a coincidence! I just watched this movie last tuesday! It's a great movie

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