From Bastille to La Villette: A Boat Ride Up the Canal St. Martin


Any city looks different from the water. The canal St. Martin is a favorite spot in Paris and taking a boat ride on the canal was a great opportunity to discover (and shoot) another side of the canal.

As I mentioned a while ago, the canal St. Martin is one of my favorite spots in Paris.

Credits: cc-in-paris

Although this is one of my preferred spots to hang out in, I hadn’t yet seen the canal from the water. Until a rainy gray afternoon last December.

We started at the Port de l’Arsenal, near Bastille:

Credits: cc-in-paris

As soon as the trip starts, we entered the 2km-long tunnel. Starting at Place de la Bastille until Rue du Faubourg du Temple, the canal is covered. This part, under the vaulted ceiling in near obscurity – except for some light that leaks through – was quite interesting:

Credits: cc-in-paris

You can even see the street names of the world above:

Credits: cc-in-paris

Once you exit the tunnel, it’s time to go through the four double locks with swirling waters, an experience of patience that allows for some nice pics, especially of the gorgeous bridges:

Credits: cc-in-paris

Finally, time to sail along the canal all the way to the Bassin de la Villette for some more nice panoramas:

Credits: cc-in-paris

You can check out more pics of the canal ride taken by Adbigmilk.

There is only one company (I think) doing boat rides up and down the canal every weekend all year long. Google it and you cannot miss.

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    Great article and great photos. :)

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    J'adore. : )

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