UK Cityslicker Georgia: For the Love of Brighton, 35mm and the Pentax K1000


We know it’s been a while since Valentine’s Day but we’re spreading the love year round. How about a snippet of sweetness about Brighton combined with a Pentax K1000 and a Valentine’s wander back in the golden days of 2010? Smell the chips doused in vinegar and let the sea breeze crimson your cheeks.

February is a month many associate with love and pancakes. However, being a leap year baby means that I usually see it as another missing birthday—excepting this year of course! Valentine’s Day has always been the halfway stage to my absent birthday; two weeks in, two weeks to go. The perks of Valentine’s Day for me usually consists of cracking the cryptic code my Mother has left in her Valentine’s card.

I rarely find myself sharing love stories, especially of the Valentine’s variety, but with all this doom and gloom around, why not? Especially when you’ve got some amazing analogue photos to accompany it!

My first Valentine’s with my girlfriend in 2010 has been my most memorable 14th February to date, because we’re too busy to do much these days! This was back during the first few months when things were still precious and new and everything seems to be coated in sugar when you’re with them.

We decided to spend the day in Brighton, which is as picturesque as Norwich and London. I was over an hour late, forgot my Valentine’s card, and our train was delayed, but none of that mattered because it was a lovely, lovely day.

Sea/sky blend.

Grey skies have never looked prettier. They made for a great background. It reminded me of a certain few photos of the band Electrelane.

I think a trip to Brighton without walking down the North Laine shops is just plain silly. Perfect wanderings for a day like Valentine’s! If you like your tunes, I highly recommend Resident – an independent music shop just along there.

Obviously, our day wouldn’t have been complete without a stroll on the pier. The pictures were taken at the best time. The lights contrasted just perfectly against the black of the sky and sea. Here, we spent the rest of our money in the arcade and on rides that just did not seem safe enough to be that close to the water. The things you do for love!

The excitements of Hamburger Union.

Of course, you don’t need Valentine’s Day to share the love. I’ve had days equally happy as this one, but rarely do they produce such pretty pictures. My love story is simply the perfect combination of Brighton, 35mm film, and Sophie, who took most of the photos on her Pentax K1000.

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