Supersamplin’ at the Beach in Montgat

Montgat is an amazing beach that’s really close to Barcelona and the best thing is, it’s never as crowded as the beaches inside the city. In January, it becomes a great location to take your dog on a fun filled-action packed day!

This is Tana, she’s our black Labrador and she absolutely loves going to the beach.

Credits: guanatos

These dogs love the outdoors, they love running and swimming (it’s in their DNA, they can’t help it), so for that reason, we needed a location where she could do both, and Montgat was the perfect spot. The beach at Montgat is really close to Barcelona, you can get there by car (plenty of parking space so don’t worry) or by train and enjoy the lovely views on your way there.

Credits: guanatos

One of the things that I like the most at Montgat is the size of the beach. It’s long and wide, that means there’s enough space for Tana to run and jump around without bothering anybody. We like to go especially early in the morning or during winter, since that’s when less people are on the beach.

Credits: guanatos

On the other hand, one of Tana’s favorite things in this world is “fishing” for a tennis ball. We throw the ball into the ocean, she waits for it to hit the water while she’s wagging her tail like mad, then she sprints at full speed through the beach and swims her way to get the ball.

Credits: guanatos

Mongat is also popular because there are several nice little restaurants and bars called “chiringuitos” where you can have a beer or eat a great paella. Most of these are only open during the summer. So now you know, if you’re a dog lover and live in Barcelona, Montgat is a great location to enjoy a fun day with your furry best friend!

Credits: guanatos

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