Diana Instant Back+ and You

Your instant moments with the Diana Instant Back+ – The fun never stops with shooting pinholes, double exposures and a whole plethora of Diana+ lenses and accessories and watching those shots develop in front of your very eyes!

Your Instant Moments with the Diana+

Combine all the multi-functional fun of the Diana+ in an instant photo. Imagine all the fun you could have shooting pinholes, double exposing and trying out the world of Diana+ lenses and accessories, then watching it all develop in your hand in just 90 seconds! But don’t take our word for it! We’ve put together a selection words and photos from the community to let you in on exactly you can expect from the Diana Instant Back+ experience!

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“So many possibilities here, my head is spinning!” – tracyvmoore

“To see how the pictures develop in your hands is awesome!” – stinketier

“I’ve used different lenses but my loves are the pinhole and the Splitzer – it gives you some amazing mixes especially if you double-expose.” – kylewis

“… transform your camera in to anything you want – just add the lenses, flash, and other accessories to get some magical instants!” – daredeye

“It is a cheap and fast way to learn how to use the Diana instead of having to shoot an entire roll of film before you see if something works!” – larslau

“…so much fun to play with, and once I start, I can’t stop!” – sugiyamasatomi

Want one? Head to the Store and start your Diana Instant magic! Now, the Diana Instant Back+ is available with all Deluxe Packages and all Clones too – to give you more options!

Diana Instants Rumble!

For this rumble, we want you to help us create one place in the Photos archive where people can go to admire the latest Instant Back+ uploads! We’ll be choosing the best 10 uploads tagged with “Diana Instant Back” so snap up, upload, and tag right!

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