Lomography Lady Grey 400 120: Perfect for those Lasting Monochrome Moments

I grabbed my Diana F+ last Sunday, loaded it with Lomography B&W 400 ISO 120 film, and went out for a walk. After seeing the results, all I can say is Miss Diana has a new best friend: the classy Lady Grey!

Last Sunday, I went out for a walk and I brought along my Diana F+ with me. It was a lovely bright sunny day and I was thinking of loading it with some X-Pro film for photos bursting with high saturated bright colors, but as I opened up the drawer where I keep all my films, I caught a glimpse of Lomography Lady Grey 400 and because I hadn’t yet shot B/W with my Diana I decided to go with it instead and I am really glad I did!

I love black and white photos with high contrast and Lomography Lady Grey, with its wide tonal range, is great when it comes to contrast: the black’s are gorgeous, the greys are lovely, and the whites are really vibrant.

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Together with Diana’s dreamy plastic lens, it gave some lovely misty results at times:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

It also performs really well in different lighting conditions, whether in bright sunlight:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

or in the shade:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Even when I shot a waterfall that had too many trees over it, causing the photo to come out underexposed, the results came out nice because of the high contrast between the darkness of the shade and the whiteness of the water flowing through the rocks:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

I also tried to do double exposures and I liked the results:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

In conclusion, I’m really happy with this film and I will definitely be buying more of it and using it a lot! I’ve read it peforms great with portraits and I really want to try it. Also, I can’t wait to use this film with the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Soft-Focus Lens; the combination of both must be stunning!

If you haven’t used this film yet, no matter which medium format camera you have, go ahead and try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Lomography’s Lady Grey is a lovely black and white 35mm ISO 400 film that will add class and elegance to your photos. For capturing action and great low-light shots, Lady Grey is your best bet. See our selection of Lomography films here.

written by carlota_nonnumquam on 2012-03-05 #gear #120 #review #400-iso #lomography #diana-f #user-review #requested #lady-grey

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