Photographing Shattering Figurines

His camera triggers to the sound of a crash. Thrown down are porcelain figures, many of them depecting kung-fu fighters. With this explosive method he aims to capture action shots, and action shots he manages to capture indeed! Take a leap over to the article, just don’t break an arm, or leg, as our delicate friends have!

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German photographer Martin Klimas likes smashing delicate objects. Though, as Kilmas states, in an interview with The Morning News, the aspect of destruction isn’t the focal point of his work. “The hardest part of my work is to smash so many figurines until I find one that truly is showing me something new.”

Images via ufunk

He draws from the teachings of pioneers Eadweard Muybridge, for his study of animal locomotion, and the engineer Harold Edgerton, for his contributions to the world of photography with the invention of the stroboscope.

It’s careful calculation mixed with chance. The wager Klimas gambles each time he throws a figurine to the ground isn’t as high as others with no prior experience, though it’s still very high. “I have only a 5000th of a second to build my sculpture…The ‘design’ part is the selection, the size of printing, the colors and the framing. Anything prior to that is left up to chance.”

Information for this article was taken from interviews featured on Klimas’ website.

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