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“The Sun does arise, And make happy the skies. The merry bells ring, To welcome the Spring… Oh the Echoing Green.” The imagery found in William Blake’s poem makes us want to capture the budding plants, and the blooming flowers. Check out these unique photoprojects we found and one environmental blog’s call out to seasonal photo submissions.

Images via cameraobscura.busdraghi

These aerial shots of tree plantations – Baumschule in German – in the Dutch towns of Boskoop and Kesteren are the visually captivating works of photographer Gerco de Ruijter. Sure, some guy got into a helicopter with state-of-the-art equipment and et voilà, you may be thinking. So you may be surprised to learn a kite, and not a plane, is what de Ruijter uses, his camera hanging off the kite’s line. The process he engages in, in attempting to achieve the perfect shot, is best described as a triangle. Planted on the ground, de Ruijter looks up to the kite, while the camera’s lens is pointing directly down, and then to the landscape directly in front of him, and gauges when best to click.

Gerco states, as found on feature shoot, of his work: “Here a bald, recently plowed field; there a piece of land full of holes dug for future trees…While working on this new series, I learned more about the functions of shadow and light; the relationships of foreground and background, and of the trees and the land where they are planted.”

Image via Peter Lippmann#

The stuff of fairy tales (perhaps not the rusting, bent-out-of-shape, clunkers) but the artfully framed scenes by photographer Peter Lippmann. While Lippmann specializes in editorial work, his clients being the likes of Marie Claire and the NY Times Magazine, he also engages in personal work, Paradise Parking being his latest project. As he told feature shoot, it’s meant to be “a poetic look at the relationship between the creations of man and mother nature.”

Image via The Guardian's Flickr group

The Guardian’s Environment Blog hosts a monthly ‘photography assignment’. For the month of February, ‘green shoots’ is the photographic theme. The above gallery shows some photo submissions to the gallery. We love the oomph the final paragraph of the blog post gives to photographers of springtime. “Use the sunny days in this specially extended edition of February (it’s a leap year) to catalogue the reawakening of the natural world after its unnaturally cosy winter slumber.”

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