Downhill Without Snow!

Skiing without snow! Thanks to a new device placed near the river of Como Lake this autumn. A funny way to go skiing in Como…this is the first time that my town hosted a ski downhill!

From more than two years, there were some important works along the banks of Como Lake, so the lakeside promenade is occupied by a large construction site, to build anti-flood protection. The works proceeded very bad, with many errors and delays. So one day, a famous football player, Gianluca Zambrotta (who play in the Milan team), donated a coating in artificial grass along the lake to enable the population to spend their free time in the green and to cover the construction site for the summer and autumn seasons. This autumn, a device who simulate a ski downhill was placed here for the first time, with a public demonstration in the presence of the famous Italian champion Giorgio Rocca.

Here is the lake promenade before the donation of Zambrotta, a total disaster!

And here is the same place after the great works of this champion!

A good place to walk, read, and relax!

So…one day we found this device! Wonderful to play with it!

The track works thanks to a motorized roller that allows to simulate a downhill track with a speed of about 28 km/h

Here are other photos of a public demonstration of this device. This demonstration was followed by a free access to the citizen, and this device stayed in Como for two days.

Great demo, an applause!

Have fun with your skiing…and don’t forget to take with you your favorite Lomo camera! All these photos were taken with a Zenit 122 camera and a Ilford FP4+ film developed in Rodinal R09.

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