An Introduction: Noelia's Searching for Twin Photos Series


Noelia Domínguez, aka deprofundis, hails from Tenerife, Spain and is one of Lomography Magazine’s new regular writers. Know more about her upcoming series, featuring compilations of Lomographers’ photos that are similar to her own photos, after the break.

Credits: deprofundis

Name: Noelia Domínguez
Location: La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
LomoHome: deprofundis
Series/Section: Searching for Twin Photos on Analogue Lifestyle

I had my first camera when I was 14. It was an analogue camera, of course and I was taking film photos until 2006, when I was given my first digital camera. I returned to analogue photos when I discovered lomography two years ago.

My first first Lomography camera was a Fisheye. I was told that it is the easiest to take good photos, you only have to get close to your victim and shot. Nowadays I have several lomography cameras: ActionSampler, Diana, Colorsplash, Sprocket Rocket, and LC-Wide.

My interest in compiling twin photos began with a competition on German Lomography site two years ago. You had to search for shots of another users that were similar to yours. Then you had to contact that user and they had to agree to submit their pictures to the competition with yours. Now I keep on collecting twin photos because I enjoyed it a lot.

Obviously, the easiest option is search for photos of famous landmarks that everybody wants to shoot in the same way. Then you have to look for some of them that were taken with the same camera and the same kind of film.

Credits: deprofundis & libelulas_azules

But it’s more entertaining to find similar shots of different places.

Credits: deprofundis, brommi, lomobrigida, jennson, biscuitface & b0rn2b1ush

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