The Designer of La Sardina Seoul Edition

Kijo Kim is the designer of La Sardina Seoul Edition. He sees through Seoul City with the La Sardina.

Please introduce yourself.
I’m Kijo, a designer and stylist. Actually, there is no standard to define my job. I am the chief designer of Boonga Boonga Record as well as its studio manager. It’s called kijoside.

What are your favorite activities?
I like shopping. No matter how much I spend, the entire process of shopping is always enjoyable. Even when I don’t have enough money, I tend to go to the 1,000 won shop or flea market to console myself.
Trifling stuff, well-thumbed things, and things could be thumbed are my favorites.

Have you ever used any film camera? What is your favorite camera?
Most of my work had been done by film cameras such Canon EOS 1n or Minolta by 2005.

Are you satisfied with La Sardina Seoul Edition? Anything to be desired?
I was worried if the image looked poor. The concern is gone when I face the actual product. Every work always makes me feel something like there could have been another way of expression besides printing or if I had just put my signature that I gave up not to be greedy.

The artwork process of the album cover of ‘achim.’

What is your design and lomography in common?
Knowing what is precious in our daily life.

Please represent lomography to five words.
Simple, lucid, coincidence, expectation, surprise.

What is the kijoside?
My private studio and play ground since 2011.

Album cover artwork, poster, lettering works by kijoside.

How was the design of La Sardina Seoul Edition created?
It was started from a question “What is the space, Seoul?” I wanted to express ‘Seoul’ as a space in the context rather than as a superficial symbol or color. I loved to show the dailiness Seoul has. It is a space people live in, not just a tourist destination. Grid was popped in my head. It was suitable to express Seoul, where arouses numerous images and sensibilities. It and Seoul closely resemble each other as the space of possibility that could be filled by anything as well as emptied out. Excluding the main color is in the same vein since it could be filled by any colors. Stickers are provided in the packages instead to enables people to apply various colors and images to the camera.

La Sardina Seoul Edition

What is your handwriting-style?
I’m famous for bad handwriting. My parents and teachers have worried about it since I was a kid.

What is next for you?
To begin in earnest my private studio, kijoside. I will put the next work and work after the work on the continuous flow of creation and work continuously, persistently and healthily.

Thank you, Kijo! Lomography will cheer for your future work activities!

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