Olympus XA2


It’s small, compact and has some similarities with our beloved LC-A. The Olympus XA2 was and remains a great bargain for analog camera enthusiasts out there.

This cute compact is the simplified version of the pro-quality XA. They share many design similarities including the same distinctive clamshell body and feather-touch electromagnetic shutter release. This model has a 35mm 1:3.5 4-element lens, instead of the outstanding 6-element lens in the XA. Make no mistake, though, it’s still a sharp contrasty little Zuiko that will outperform many a point-and-shoot.Instead of true rangefinder focus as found on the XA, this one has zone focus in three groups: close (1.2m-1.8m), near (1.2m-) and far (6.3m-infinity). It resets to the middle setting every time you close the case and that’s basically where you should leave it for most pictures, just point and click, exposure is fully programmed.

Uses the same flash module(s) as the XA. Pictured is the admittedly low-power but super-small X11 flash. Very unique design: the unit attaches to the side of the camera with a thumbscrew mechanism, and in doing so activates the dormant flash coupling feature. Set to ASA 100, 400, or FULL (when used on the XA, where you can choose the aperture and do the math). When attached the flash becomes part of the camera, transforming it into another entity altogether.

I’ve read that a common issue is inconsistent shutter tripping when pressing the red plastic button; apparently if it’s pressed too hard it can deform and if it’s not perfectly flat on the bottom it doesn’t trip the shutter. But it can be removed and sanded, apparently that helps quite a bit.

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    great review!!
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    Nice cam - nice gallery! Nothing more to add....

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    The XA2 is a little gem! Cool review!

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    Waaa what a gallery ! the first one is very impressive !

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    Lovely gallery,nice review on a cool cam, well done :)

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    VW's and Vespas I'm in heaven. Cool gallery.

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    cool shots and nice review, The Simpsons car is awesome

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    lovely subjects!

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    Lovely gallery, especially love the light leaks! is the XA2 'leaky'?

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