Second Hand Love Affair with My Camera Pouches


In this Secondhand Love Affair story, I feature two of my most loved second hand stuff that surely make my life as a lomographer a lot easier.

I think that a certain saying goes like this: “One man’s garbage, is another man’s treasure.” I am not sure if I phrased it right, but whatever it is, analogue enthusiasts would certainly agree with this maxim. When most the things that we do are perceived by the general public as a thing of the past, and with a lot of analogue stuff being discarded everyday, we are glad to be at the receiving end of it; scouring eBay, flea markets, or even our neighbour’s dusty storage room for unloved items that would surely find home in us.

Among the second hand stuff I got from everywhere are cameras and rolls film. However, two items really proved to be very useful on a daily basis. Part of my daily routine now is to bring at least one camera everywhere I go. Because I really cannot comfortably fit any camera into my pants’ pocket, I could either keep it in my bag, which is a disaster if there is something urgent to shoot, or hold it with one hand, rendering me with a lone functional arm.

All that changed when my cousin gave me her old film camera (which was broken) and the belt pouch it came with. Although the camera was kept in the cabinet, the pouch is now seeing a lot of action. A lot of my cameras could fit in it, including my Oktomat. It easily slides into my belt, and has a velcro snap that secures the safety of the camera, while remaining easy to snap out, to draw my weapon of choice. As luck would have it, I found another belt pouch, big enough to contain most of my cameras, as I was looking for used stuff in one of the thrift shops I frequent to.

Now, I can easily bring two cameras with not much of a hassle; ready to draw, guns blazin’, and shoot with reckless abandon!

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  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Hahaha! Pati pala yung camera case mo eh sikat na! Lagi ko nakikitang ginagamit mo, hindi ko alam may sarili pala siyang article hehe
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  2. renenob
    renenob ·

    Three likes nga lang eh, hehe. @boobert @superkulisap @feelux @icuresick

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    Yan, 4 na @boobert @icuresick @renenob @superkulisap

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    make it 6 :)

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