Graciano Lopez-Jaena Park


Famously known as “Jaro Plaza” or “Plaza Jaro”, G. Lopez-Jaena Park is the center of activity in Jaro, which is most prosperous among Iloilo City’s 6 districts.

Even during the late 1800s, Jaro used to be a city (separate from the city of Iloilo). It was in Jaro where the Sugar Barons built their grand mansions and a thriving commercial and industrial economy was established.

This is where most of the people would radically pass by wherever they are destined on each time of the day. Jeepneys such as Jaro CPU are famous for it passes by the park back and forth. Inside the plaza are some gazebos to look at, statues standing of the famed Dr. Jose Rizal, a big activity center, the grand Belfry, and some World War II veterans dedication wall.

Surrounding the park are malls such as SM-Jaro and Star Plaza. Also, there can be found the Jaro Cathedral, Andoks Manokan Chicken Restaurant, and some little establishments like fruit stands. The park is a nice place to hang-out too on evenings! You can see some lovers (no, not in the dark!) sitting on benches upon benches, and people passing by exhausted from their work and hoping to ride the last jeepney trip.

Even though the Jaro Plaza of today is not as grandiose as it used to be, it is still a nice place to visit because of its historical value and the numerous attractions around it, which include: the Jaro Cathedral, the Jaro Belfry, Old Mansions, the former Jaro City Hall, and the Archbishop’s Palace.

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