World Press Photo Winners From 1955-2011

This is definitely one of those instances, and articles, where photos speak louder than words. It’s taken me quite some time to muster up the courage to attempt to embed the following ‘World Press Photo Winners’, from 1955 onwards, in text of my own composing.

We thought it necessary to pay homage to those who are truly courageous – some who had to be owing to their unfortunate circumstances, and some for whom courageousness was a means of survival, their whole lives a web of unfortunate incidences.

While sticking these photos side-by-side in a gallery seemed much too commonplace for the magnitude of the photo’s subject matter, an editorial decision had to be made. Therefore, we might recommend you view the following, at least the first time round, one at a time, clicking next photo to advance and not ‘show all photos’.

World Press Photo Winners from 1955-2011, in chronological order. Images via BuzzFeed

Perhaps you could give the following a listen, if you find yourself wanting a musical accompaniment which is what I did.

✘ Youtube:

We haven’t featured all the winners here, and with reason as some of them are very harrowing indeed. You may view them all here

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