Oh It's So 1984 in Siam, Bangkok LC-A Workshop Photos

Just how well do you know Bangkok? We’ll see how as we visit the various places in Bangkok with our trusty LC-A! Walk, and enjoy the sights and sounds – the old architecture, the locals and the exquisite cuisine. Don’t forget to take a picture and keep the memory with your LC-A. We’ll start from the Flower market to old Tha-chang to Santichaiprakan park.

Armed with our LC-A cameras, we invaded the streets of Bangkok to immerse ourselves in its culture – we sampled some of its yummy delicacies, mingled with the locals, and got ourselves acquainted with old architecture. As we were making our rounds from the Flower market to Tha-chang, and then to Santichaiprakan park – snapping up Lomographs as we go – we witnessed an exciting rollerblading exhibition, and colourful, everyday urban scenes. It was also a good day for discussing ideas, and trading tips and tricks among our fellow Lomographers!

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-06-26 #news #event #workshop #walking #bangkok #tour #thailand #lca

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