A Completely Crocheted Room by Agata Olek


“I Do Not Expect To Be A Mother But I Do Expect To Die Alone” is the title of the exhibit. Standing in the space is as if you are standing in the inside of a yarn beast’s stomach though despite it’s appearance, isn’t made up of randomly placed pieces of string but intricately crocheted works of art! So check out Olekt’s first UK solo exhibit after the jump and be sure not to trip over any taught strings!

Image via designboom

Most of Polish-born Agata Olek pieces are text based, functioning as documents of, and are a means of expressing, her recent relocation from New York to the UK. Above is the completed room, in Olek’s signature camouflage pattern. Take a closer look at the intricate details of each object in the below gallery!

Of her exhibit Olek expresses, who’s adamant in conveying the fact that what she’s done isn’t any old apartment installation, “it is the reflection of life, love, trust and lust in current times. it is the progression of my life as a woman, as a female artist put together through text messages, emails and personal objects and experiences… blood, sweat and tears and cum camouflaged with the sparkle of my colourful cheeky humour, as we all do when carrying on with our lives.”

There she is below working on a baby crib, the object drawing reference to the first half of the exhibit’s title, about not expecting to enter into motherhood.

Images via designboom

Everything from pillows to people are crocheted by the crochet happy Olek, also seen in the last image in the above gallery in a stunning crocheted dress and gloves! Union Jacks alongside text from personal SMS and e-mail messages are knitted onto everyday household objects and surfaces which are at first glance masked by the camouflaging. There’s nothing she can’t knit over, that’s for sure.

The exhibition runs through till March 23 at Tony's Gallery in London.

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