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Lomography inspires me!

Credits: fascinatingirl

Since I joined the Lomozgz group, during their second historic meeting “The amusement park” back in July 2009, we haven’t stopped doing activities, exhibitions, lomowalks, Halloween and costume parties, workshops…I enjoyed it so much so I thought, why not make a small graphic document containing all the information to be distributed as an e-flyer? I intend to collect all in this post…

First poster above, we did some t-shirts using this design.

Photo by Edu

T-shirt workshop, working…

Photo by Edu

Exhibition Lomo-Crisis Poster:

Credits: fascinatingirl

Halloween lomo-party, makeup, and analog cameras…

Credits: fascinatingirl

5º Lomowalk, night meeting with flashes and mode B

Credits: fascinatingirl

I hope you have enjoyed my little creations. :)

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written by fascinatingirl on 2012-04-01 #lifestyle #design #illustration #posters #graphic #lomography #vectors
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  1. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    very nice design! a shirt i would definitely wear. i need sice "S" - where can i order? ;) the camera-design of the 2. lomowalk poster is even better. thumbs up.

  2. davideji
    davideji ·

    I love them all!

  3. fascinatingirl
    fascinatingirl ·

    thank-you very much!!! designs are old, I am currently working on new designs like these ... es.qstoms.com/marta-qulez/develop-negatives es.qstoms.com/marta-qulez/film-on

  4. du3ky
    du3ky ·

    Yea these are great :)

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