Quickie Tipster: How Not to Lose Your Diana F+ Lens Cap


Some say if you lose your Diana F+ lens cap it doesn’t matter. I’d rather preserve the beautiful plastic wonderment. Here’s the quickest tipster you’ll ever read.

Your Diana F+ lens focuses by moving the front element (only the element) forwards and backwards. When it’s set to 1-2 metres, it is as far forward as it extends. This means the lens cap doesn’t fit on fully, on mine, not at all, it just falls off.

So, don’t lose your lens cap, always set the focus to infinity before you put it back on.

Here’s a few of my favourite Diana F+ photos:

Credits: adam_g2000

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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  1. myfolkway
    myfolkway ·

    Quick tip in deed, but very usefull ! It's so obvious that I didn't noticed at all... Thanks !

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