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He is a lomographer that fell with body and soul in this lomoworld, a Latin boy spreading sympathy throughout the community. He has a passion that follows him everywhere and helps him with a memory problem. I’m pleased to introduce you our next LomoArch: qrro!

Credits: qrro

Qrro ’s mind was trigged by contemplating Lego and an inspiring contact with an architect. He’s a LomoArch with a perfectionist and curious personality. Perfectionism can drive one crazy, curiosity is never fulfilled and this essence is evident in his work. Besides all this who never heard about his darling, LuCiA?

He is a lomographer with no fine memory, who feels free with both ways of expression, lomography and architecture. He likes to admire simple things in life, and the world itself, in a relaxed way. Digital converted him into an analogue addict and now, he lives through the lens. LuCiA, his analogue lover, gave him from the start what he wanted, the well known readiness and efficiency of LC-A+. He has the will to meet the great master of organic style and architecture trendsetters of today. He claims that contemporary famous buildings are not a constant around him; instead he has the luck of contemplating majestic colonial architecture.

What I like the most: the simplicity through which he captures the small details that commonly go unnoticed.

Credits: qrro

That’s all from me, learn more about this special Lomoarch in his own words.

Name: Cesar Honorio-Arroyo B.
LomoHome: qrro
LomoHome: Lima, Perú
Lomographer since: around June 2010
Architect since: 2007

Can you make a short resume of yourself as a Lomographer as well as an Architect?

Well I think everything began when I got my first Lego set, hahaha. I started building everything like spaceships and tanks for my GIJoes and stuff like that. No but really, I decided that I wanted to be an architect when my mom decided to build the 3rd floor of my house (which is my apartment now) and I remember walking behind the architect asking things like “why did you use that paper?” or “what do those lines mean?” Things like that. I was very young but the fact that I still remember proves that it inspired me. Plus, I have always been a perfectionist and curious: characteristics I think any architect must have.

Me as a lomographer, well it’s very funny. I started with this photography thing because I have a “bad” memory. I can remember tons of things, but I can’t remember who was at the party last night or what I did last week. I decided to buy a camera and of course, it was digital. After a year or so of shooting I was looking at the Photoshop actions, and I found a “lomo action” and from there, my life began. I read a lot about lomography, every camera, all the specs, plastic, metal, glass, wide, macro, vigneting, etc. After that I ordered my LC-A+ aka LuCiA. I fell in love with lomo as we all did, the colors, the textures, the grain, the simplicity and the expectation of all the images I capture myself.

Why are you in this LomoWorld, you being an Architect?

Because I like to see, I like to admire “common” things. If you have a camera with only 36 photos (12 if you’re using 120 film) you don’t have much option but to really open your eyes, see, breathe, and pause in our rushing lives to enjoy. Enjoy your house, the train station, the park, the city, everything that surrounds us. That might sound exaggerated, but I really feel it’s like that.

Credits: qrro

How do you see Lomography and Architecture bonded?

That’s a good one! Well both are ways to express yourself, to experiment, you can compose an image with the same parameters you use to compose a facade. I don’t know, I have fun with both, I feel free with both. Maybe the only difference is that to finish a design takes me longer than to finish shooting a roll.

Which camera and film best portrays your Architecture visions? Why?

As a perfectionist and being curious, I think the only camera for me is the “LC-A”:http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/lc-a-cameras/lomo-lc-a; you will always get the correct exposure time. In Lima, we aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy buildings from great architects like Foster, Ando or Zaha, but what we do have is Colonial architecture from around the 1700s. I like to go into these buildings, so I have to be really fast so nobody notices I’m there. That is where the “LC-A+”:http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/lc-a-cameras/lomo-lc-a/lomo-lc-a-new-package shines because it’s fast and effective. About the film, I really don’t have one preference. If I had to choose, I would pick Kodak Elitechrome EB 100 and Lomography X-Pro Slide 200. The first one cause it only saturates and gives great blues and reds. The Lomography film because I love the grain you get and its very strong. I don’t know, I have good experiences with both films.

Ending, simple questions demand simple answers. What Architect and building did/would you prefer to take Lomographs?

I definitely would like to take pictures of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I like Gaudi designs and how he emulates nature. He is for sure one of my favorite architects. And I think some buildings from Zaha Hadid. I’m really getting tired of her designs but I’ve never seen one in person so it would be interesting.

Credits: qrro

Liliana de Sousa- is living as a foreigner around the world since 2004 but is originally from Portugal. She’s an architect with the will of sharing today’s architecture through lomographers eyes. Read more about Just Another Lomoarch series here.

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