The University of Oxford Botanic Gardens

Right in the middle of the city centre, Oxford Botanic Gardens is a small haven and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

When life in college gets a bit much, the place I escape to is the Botanic Garden. It’s part of the University of Oxford, so if you’re an Oxford student you get in free with your bod card, but at £4, for an adult day ticket, £3 for concessions, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get in.

The photos here were taken in mid-February and as you can imagine, the gardens are less colorful than they are be in the spring or summer, but it’s still a great place to go to. I normally take a bit of work or a book and just find a bench, it beats the library any day (unless it’s raining).

There are five or so different glass/greenhouses: the conservatory with oranges and lemons and the like; an awesome arid house; fab fernery; luscious lily house; intriguing insectivorous house; prehistoric feeling palm house; and an all right alpine house. Two of the best things I found were pineapple plants and a banana tree.

Credits: bertie

Then there are all of the borders and the actual garden-y bits of the garden…

Credits: bertie

I can’t wait for the spring and summer, this place will be immense. They might not be the most massive gardens in the world, but they’re a great place to waste a good afternoon instead of working. There’s lots of information about the Botanic Gardens on their website.

written by bertie on 2012-03-08 #places #location #escape-from-the-city

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