Why You Should Get a Diana F+ Zebra

The camera that I have chosen for all of the pictures shown were taken with my trusty Diana F+ Zebra. In this review, I hope to discuss some selling points of this Lomography camera.

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The Diana F+ Zebra is a plastic body camera that appeared in the 1960s. It offers aperture settings for various weather condition and as well a fixed shutter speed. It is durable and easy to understand. Here are the advantages of the Diana F+ Zebra:

1. Cost

It can be found at a much lower cost compared to other cameras of the same format. The reason is mainly due to the plastic construction body which greatly reduces the price, unlike competitors who utilize metal constructions bodies. Thus, Diana F+ Zebra is easily available as a more affordable option for Lomography newbies like you and me.

2. Simplicity

With only a fixed shutter speed and aperture settings for various weather condition such as sunny day or a cloudy day, nothing is much more simple than this. It allows allow the Lomographer to adopt the 10 Golden Rules – Don’t Think, Just Shoot.

3. Durability

The Diana F+ Zebra features an all plastic constructions including the lens. This offers the Lomographers the confidence that it can withstand bumps and heavy usage. Thus, it is all ready for some war photography, if there is a need to be provided for. Weatherproofing is also adequate since it contains no or rather zero electronic parts. You can be safety assured that the Diana F+ Zebra can be used in light rain without any problems and fear that it will be damaged in anywhere.

4. Prime Lens

The Diana F+ Zebra does come with a plastic meniscus lens which is capable of taking dreamy, artistic Lomographs. According to scientific research in the past, plastic lens perform much better compared to glass lens and plastics lens are capable of taking good and interesting Lomographs. This explains the result. Apart from that, the lens can also be removed from the body for some pinhole Lomography.

5. No battery consumption

The Diana F+ Zebra does not require any batteries for operation as the shutter speed is a fully mechanical operation. Thus, you can be assured that it can last you for a lifetime without the need of batteries.

6. Multiple Exposures

The Diana F+ Zebra is capable of taking multiple exposures compared to other cameras of the same format. Now the fun has just begun.

In conclusion, the Diana F+ Zebra is a very nice camera to play with plus with all the accessories available from the Lomography Online Store. So what are you waiting for? Don’t think (Rule #6) and get one for yourself today. Discover the beauty of the Lomographs taken with the Diana F+ Zebra.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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