Lovely Lumps of Paint Closeups

Lumps of paint. This is the subject matter of Ben Weiner’s latest series of photographs. Enthralling? Yes, very much so. What we’ve left out here is the fact Weiner’s images make you want to run your fingers all over the textured surfaces contained inside his flat photographs. There’s eye candy for you too, with the magical, intertwining colors found in the oil paint closeups.

Image via Ben Weiner

Weiner is known in the contemporary art world for his hyperrealistic oil paintings of “macroscopic still life environments of unnatural substances”. What environments? Well, Weiner is particularly fascinated by unnatural substances such as hair gel, pearls and other artifacts of luxury and, as you see featured here, oil paint globs.

As is telling of his photos, Weiner dabbles not only in paintings but also in photography and videography. Check out his slow motion of video below, of the birth of oil paint by mixing together of varnish, pigment, and turpentine.

Interestingly, Weiner’s photo references, for his scaled-up paintings, are magnifications of everyday materials including artificial food ingredients, art supplies and beauty products. His choice of subject matter draws our attention to the material world in which we live while the way it’s presented establishes a distance owing to the fact the objects aren’t immediately recognizable because the framed image is of the item at close range.

Images via Ben Weiner

Information for this article was taken from the Mark Moore Gallery artist biography on Weiner.

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