Enormous Film Camera to Snap Enormous Photos in the US


A photographer in Chicago built a huge analogue creation that is sure to challenge the teeny high-tech cameras that much of our world has been shooting with. Can his epic film camera contend against the modern digital cameras of today? Find out after the jump!

Yep, that’s the lens he’s holding with the cap on.

Photographer Dennis Manarchy has just created an analogue camera of epic proportions, outsizing its tiny digital counterparts both in size and output. And it’s also worth noting that he built it from scratch. The colossal camera is the centerpiece of Vanishing Cultures, a project spearheaded by Manarchy, which aims to take portraits of people from various groups and cultures.

Manarchy and his camera have previously been featured here in the magazine, but such an amazing work won’t go unnoticed. Very recently, ABC News also did a feature on the photographer and his enormous camera.

The Chicago-based photographer’s jaw-dropping bellowed camera is enormous, nearly occupying his River North studio. “It’s a 35-foot camera that produces original negatives that are six feet tall,” Manarchy describes. “And the resolution of that negative is about a thousand times greater than anything else available on this planet.”

The photos can be enlarged to two and a half stories high, but even at half the size, there’s no mistaking the incredible amount of detail that is captured on the negative. Every pore, every blemish, every eyelash won’t escape from this mighty film camera.

It would definitely be quite an experience to have a larger than life photograph of you taken, if you can afford the whopping price of $50,000 for a sitting.

Watch the full video report from ABC News below:

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    wow!! better start saving!

  2. panpriatel
    panpriatel ·

    it is not the largest camera I've seen today but still! nice one!

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