Mesudiye: A Little Bit Lovely


Lukas was in a mood in the car. It was hot, the air condition was not helping and sweat was pouring off his face. The water he was drinking was warm and not helping his foul mood.

The road was smooth but winding. All in all I was not enjoying this trip. We arrived at our destination, a little bay in Mesudiye. Stressed, we went upstairs to the terrace restaurant to have an ice cream and cheer Lukas up before i throttled him. From the balcony we over looked the see and Lukas said “It’s perfect mor mor”

As part of my two week visit to Turkey my mother in law had very kindly arranged some mini holidays as well. This trip was one of them 3 nights in a tiny little place called Mesudyie and perhaps equally important was the place we stayed Ortams. For me Mesudyie was very much like the rest of Turkey ruggedly beautiful. What set this place apart was the place we stayed a Little Pension called Ortam. Ortam translates as Tranquility and this place had it!

In fairness There is not much to do there. There is only one shop which sells everything. It is a little bay with a few restaurants. You can’t really go off exploring I walked from the bay we were staying in to the next one in took about half an hour and wasn’t worth it. It did make me work up a thirst which was soon quenched with an effes! But then there isn’t any real need to explore. I just really enjoyed being near Ortams, being on a sunbed for a few days and snorkeling. The staff were unbelievably friendly and provided beautiful fresh food, most of it our of their garden, every meal.

Ortams has a very gentle feel to it. The building has plants growing all over it the panoramic views from the rooftop terrace are frames with vines and branches. birds fly in and out and there is a feel that maybe there is no building there at all. The doors don’t seem to work properly either, not closing, missing glass. But again it adds to the charm of the place, adds value to your stay.

The rooms are small and functional but then they don’t need to be anything else – why would you do anything in your room than sleep?

But in fairness I think 3 days was long enough. it was a very relaxing time and one i enjoyed greatly. i enjoyed the views and the food – but i particularly enjoyed talking with the staff.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Awesome ! Great text and gallery ! I would really need to go there now...

  2. rater
    rater ·

    A place to just relax and disconect, nice!

  3. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    fantastic article. #17 is my favorite. :)

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