JR Tower: Highest Building in Hokkaido

During my recent winter vacation to Sapporo City in Hokkaido, Japan, I visited the JR Tower Observation Deck T38 for a bird’s eye view of the city. The breathtaking view is definitely worth every penny paid!

Sapporo JR Tower, measuring 173 m (568 ft) tall with 38 stories is one of the tallest buildings in Hokkaido. Although it isn’t considered very tall when compared to Taipei 101 (509m) or Burj Khalifa (829m), being able to build such a tall building in earthquake-prone Japan is no mean feat. The Tower is conveniently located above JR Sapporo Station South entrance, and is separated in three sections: West, Center, and East.

On the morning I was supposed to visit the Observation Deck, it was snowing heavily and I thought that it would be a wasted trip.

However, the snow storm gradually subsided when I reached JR Tower and the sky was bright and sunny when I got up to the 38th floor.

The panoramic view is definitely breathtaking. On one side, one can see the highly urbanized Sapporo city and on the other, one can see endless mountain ranges. There are signs along the 4 facings to explain the sights to visitors. On a sunny day, one can even see the Port of Otaru or catch volcanic smoke spewing from Mt Tokachi!

One unique point of T38 is the toilet with a nice panoramic view! It’s definitely worth spending more than a few minutes inside the toilet!

Besides the view, there are plenty of shopping and food & beverage outlets in JR Tower to meet your every need.

I would highly recommend that you visit JR Tower when you are in Sapporo!

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