The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

The Nine Eyes of Google Street View is a photoproject by Canadian artist Jon Rafman. The photos, taken from all over the world, are snapped from his very own home, in his very own chair. How is this possible, you must be asking, shaking your head in disbelief… Well, we can tell you Google Street View camera cars had a lot to do with it!

It may take some time before you fully comprehend that all these photos were taken on Street View cameras.

Images via Jon Rafman

The above views are breathtaking landscapes, lush lush greenery, chaotic situations, and deprived animals. Many a decisive moment Henri Cartier-Bresson would tip his hat to. One person opens her window and takes a breath of fresh air simultaneously with a man halfway across the globe. While these photos are awe inspiring, the below are quite curious, some even humorous!

Images via Jon Rafman

A kid raises what we hope to be a toy handgun to his parent’s head in one screenshot, while a tank and a man with a rifle go about their daily lives in others. A drowsy alien is seen sliding down his chair while Ultraman, who beat him to it, is napping on a park bench.

Since it’s founding in 2007, Google Street View has expanded to include cities outside the United States and even rural locations worldwide. To date, Google Street View camera cars can be found in over 30 countries. The following countries are the most recent to have, or soon to have, the picture taking vehicles introduced: India, Israel, Thailand, Austria, Croatia, Gibraltar, Greece, Latvia, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Ukraine and Chile.

Utterly flabbergasted and intrigued by the images achieved through this technology, I embarked on my own journey, from my office chair, around the world to Lomography Gallery Store locations!

Above are scenes which show Lomography Gallery Stores either directly in front or off to the side! Here are the cities in order: Santa Monica, Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin.

Can you find more stores, or yourself through your apartment window for that matter?

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