Taking Back Tipsters: LC-A Tips


You’ll surely need some useful tips when using the new LC-A Silver Lake. Here are some of the best tips we found in our archives. Read on!

We searched our archives for some of the best LC-A tips and we present to you the articles that we came up with.

Need tips on day and night shooting with your beloved LC-A? Here are two articles that can help you!

Credits: 007-0815-styler & xjimmyleungx

Are you having trouble doing long exposures? Fret not! This next article’s for you!

Credits: stitch

Shooting Long Exposures with Your LC-A+
Written By: stitch

In need of some magic on your photos? Why not try shooting bokehs?

Photo by renenob

Shooting Bokehs with your Lomo LC-A+
Written By: renenob

Got a story for your very own film? You can come up with a mini movie with your LC-A!

Make a Movie by LOMO LC-A
Written By: jimmyhido

Experimental shots can yield amazing results. Why not try experimenting with the Splitzer?

Photo By: littlekoala

Experiment with Lomo LC-A and the Splitzer
Written By: littlekoala

Have you seen the latest addition to the LC-A family, the LC-A Silver Lake? There are only 1000 units of this limited edition camera so go and grab yours now and see what you can do with these Tipsters!

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