Spotted: The Spots of the Diana Mini Leopard on Life&Style

How does analogue photography charm the fashion industry? Easy peasy! Be the perfect model size, which is “petite,” and wear a trendy bold Leopard print! You’ll turn heads for sure!

Fashion and Lomography have had a love affair for a while now! The ever-so-demanding fashion world wanted cameras dressed in stylish designs and now they are!

I found the Diana Mini Leopard featured on Life&Style of Público, one of the most popular and relevant Portuguese newspapers.

Público reaches thousands of readers everyday and its online version is quite popular. Surely this article will spread the word on real life analogue beauty and I’m certain some Portuguese fashionistas will feel compelled to buy this little spotted plastic princess.

written by anafaro on 2012-03-30 #news #fashion #analogue #leopard #mini #lomography #style #diana #media #animal-prints

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