Photoproject Switcheroo Puts a Spin on Clothing Swap


Canadian Hana Pesut has a slew of exciting, hip, photoprojects in her portfolio. One of the projects the self-taught photographer currently has underway is ‘Switcheroo’ and involves two or more people switching outfits and even signature poses for the camera! Check them out, after the jump, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how spot-on the people in switched outfits portray their friends!

Images via Sincerely Hana

What do we feel when viewing these photos? A lot of the outfits are casual and trendy, and would be classified as street wear based on our understanding of dress codes. Personal identity, and fashion consciousness shine through in these photographs of perfect strangers, yet there’s also unspoken rules of dress, based on various world traditions and societal norms, that engage us and make us contemplate further.

Why is a tight dress, baggy trousers, dangly earnings, or high heels supposed to intrinsically suit a specific gender role? Why is a reversal, or crossover of what one wears with what society expects one to wear often met with disapproval and an altered display of behavior as opposed to when viewing others in the gender role we ascribe to the clothing? This is something to think about, and is clearly something Sincerely Hana has!

These are some of my favorites…

Images via Sincerely Hana

Hana is also a local DJ. Her mixes are available on SoundCloud, one of which is below for you to enjoy!

We would absolutely love to see your own switcheroos with friends and family, and, if you dare the person with the most fabulous outfit you see sauntering down the street the next time you’re out!

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Hahaha these are great

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    hahahaha :D

  3. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @natalieerachel. They are! I already have a list of friends I'd love to do a clothing switcheroo with. Would be cool to do it for an entire day and photograph in different settings. Also, what about couples who dress alike to begin with:…

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