Residencia del Riego: Night Swim Fun!

Found in Alitagtag, Batangas, this quaint resort provides a quick getaway for Manileños like me. Read on to find out more.

Late last year, a co-worker of mine chanced upon a deal for an overnight stay in Residencia De Riego. As a bunch of us had birthdays coming up soon, we decided to book the trip.

Residencia de Riego offers the usual amenities that most resorts have – cottages for overnight stay, a bar and restaurant, pools, and entertainment facilities (karaoke, billiards, darts and a grilling station). However, the main attraction of the resort was the “light show” in the pool. And the words “long exposure” immediately came to mind! Good thing I brought some analog cameras, my Fisheye 2 with the submarine case and my brother’s Diana Mini to capture the shots.

Here are some of the pictures.

Fisheye No. 2 has a 170-degree wide angle view and stunning barrel distortion. Now with a hotshoe and multiple and long exposure capabilities, the world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible! Available in different colours and special designs.

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