Meet Singapore LomoCouple #4 Izad and Fiqa!

“I firmly believe that a girl with an analogue camera hanging from her neck is instantly attractive”. Perhaps that’s the secret to everlasting love? Let’s chat with another LomoCouple from Singapore, Izad and Fiqa!

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Fiqa: I’m young at heart and I love to take risks and have fun. I am also a film student, and because I am biased…analogue beats digital, anytime! Unlike most people, I like to snap photos of whatever I see (I don’t care about third rule or framing when it comes to photos). Apart from taking photos or filming, I like to indulge myself with good reads!
Izad: I’m a 20-something year old writer with a penchant for good writes, reads, eats and Lomography.

What sorts of favourite activities do you do together as a couple?

Fiqa: We both love to eat and Izad has a list of restaurants/cafes that we are always trying out. We love to watch movies but on top of it all, we like to hang out and enjoy each other’s company while we people watch!
Izad: That growing list of places to eat is a great lifeline to have when we’ve no idea what to do or where to go. I believe that a practitioner of photography is, by extension, a lover of good food so sussing out places off the beaten track is a skill I pride myself on. When we’re not recovering from a food comatose, we shop, watch movies and play with Fiqa’s rambunctious nephew and niece. We especially love long bus rides together too.

Do you usually shoot together? What are some of your favourite things about shooting photographs together?

Fiqa: We occasionally shoot together but most of the time, Izad loves to be alone with his beloved cameras. Izad is more technical so he will teach me about the framing and other stuff that I couldn’t care less. Whenever we shoot together, we always keep a lookout for an object/person/or something interesting that we are likely to shoot.

Izad: Not always, as solo photowalks are usually my alone time. But when I bring my camera along on dates, Fiqa likes to hijack it and snap a few frames for fun. I don’t say this often, but I think she has a very good eye. :)

Tell us about the film swap that you both did for this story!

Fiqa: No story, just shoot. Izad passed me the camera and told me to shoot whatever I see. And I did.
Izad: It was our first film swap, so we decided to keep it lighthearted and not have any specific concept. I think the results turned out surprisingly well. There were a few overlaying photos of her that I really like.

If you could gift your partner any Lomography camera, what would it be and why?

Fiqa: I gave Izad his dream Lomography camera, the LC-A+, for his birthday. He recently received another camera, the LC-A Russia. And I know he has his eyes on the La Sardina (because of the quirky design and wide angle)!
Izad: Easy. I’m sure she won’t mind the Lomokino to create analogue movies to add to her film reel.

If you could go together to any place in the world to shoot, where would it be and why?

Fiqa: PARIS! Paris is such a beautiful place and we both speak conversational French, so it’s a plus! It would be amazing to shoot at the Eiffel tower and basking in the culture.
Izad: Haha! Paris is a longshot. I’d say Hong Kong, which we’ll be going together in March! They say Hong Kong is a lot like Singapore, but I’m dying to prove that myth wrong.

Do you have any tips & tricks or shoutouts for other LomoCouples out there?

Fiqa: It’s great to have another pair of eyes to keep a lookout for you. Always have fun and most importantly, don’t think…just shoot!
Izad: Believe in film, and it’ll reward you with amazing results beyond your expectations. Plus, I firmly believe that a girl with an analogue camera hanging from her neck is instantly attractive.

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