LC-A Russia Day: The Sexy Lomo With The Funny Logo


The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Edition is an iconic camera with a sexy, red leather dress. Read what I think about this Lomographer’s erotic dream after the jump!

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Ever since I got into Lomography I’ve always dreamed about buying an LC-A. I liked the idea of owning an original Soviet LC-A, but thought that as an everyday companion, an LC-A+ would be easier to use, as you don’t have to set the aperture. I didn’t care about the lens to be made in China or Russia, I just couldn’t make up my mind. I also thought its total black look would be perfect to take candid street shoots. Then the LC-A+ Russia Day came out, and it was just too sexy. It was just perfect.

I’ve never been the kind of person who bothers to read user’s manuals. I don’t like doing things the way you’re supposed to. I don’t mind learning things through a long series of trials and errors. Mostly errors. I guess you could say I sort of have a Lomographic attitude. I like to think so.

I like to keep things simple. I also like to pretend I know how to use my SLR cameras or just how to properly load 120 film, but to be honest, I don’t have a clue of what I’m doing 90% of the time I hold a camera in my hand. And I like it that way. Also, I like to keep things funny. Fake smiles, stiff poses, and flawless hairdos are okay when it comes to high school yearbooks or ID photos, but when it comes to my friends, I want them to smile like they mean it. And a camera with a sperm symbol on it surely helps make your friends giggle.

As I said, I’ve never owned an LC-A/LC-A+ before the Russia Day, so I cannot tell you if there is any real difference between this camera and its predecessors. I could mention that it features an original Minitar 1 32mm f/2.8 lens made in Russia which yelds amazing colors, strong saturation and vignetting, that it has a fairly accurate viewfinder, that its shutter speeds range from 1/500 to unlimited, that it has a multiple exposure switch and that there are lots of cool accessories to experiment with etc, but if you want to know the details about this camera, you can find anything on and the LC-A+ Microsite+.

I don’t think the best salesman in the world could convince you that this camera is worth the extra price for some technical reason: this camera is basically an LC-A+ RL. It just looks better, much better. It can still be your everyday camera, but it looks so unique it will also look good on any special occasion. Also, aren’t we all in film photography because we like the smell of film? Well, its red leather smells good, and it is always warm in your hands, it feels real, not like those cold digi-crap-cameras. And all the symbols on it are just too cool: the sperm and ovum symbols, the cyrillic lettering, the Russia Day emblem. Plus, there are only 2000 of these babes around. I guess that’s quite a nice argument if you feel like showing off with your friends, right?

Of course, this camera also has its side effects: it looks so good you will end up taking tons of mirror shots just because it looks so amazingly good. The photolab guys will think you’re some kind of an egomaniac narcissistic crazy film nostalgic, which could be, let’s face it, partially true, but so what?

I don’t think there will ever be such a sexy little camera out there. Well, unless the Lomographic Society International decides to make a limited edition LC-A Playboy. I’ll have my bunny ears ready, just in case.

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day will show you what Russian Passion is all about. Clad in red leather and decorated with fertility symbols, this special edition camera is limited to 2,000 pieces only. It is equipped with the legendary Russian Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens and comes in an exquisite black wooden lined with precious silk. Get your own Lomo LC-A Russia Day now!

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