Love at First Lomo: My Enchantment of Meeting the Diana F+


Hi, I’m Amanda, your average fellow lomographer. I’m from the United States and I’ve been enchanted to fall in love…. with my lomography Diana F+. These film cameras are the perfect way to capture moments whenever your heart desires and turn them into picture-perfect memories!

Credits: amandaglass

Unless you’re an analogue-obsessed alien, I’m almost positive that you’re living in the 21st century – a time of new ideas and new inventions. With digital photography advancing by the day and new technology being released, it’s hard to hold onto the past. Before I was introduced to my Diana F+, I used my digital camera. The pictures were definitely memorable, but they all just seemed so bland to me. If you’re capturing a moment, why not gather all of the details possible in one photograph? Well, that’s exactly what my Diana F+ does… except this time it captures lomographs. From simply purchasing a roll of film at the local drug store to getting back your freshly cut pieces of negatives, there is no better feeling than taking photos with an analogue film camera.

I believe in love at first sight, as well as love at first lomo. I didn’t think there was anything special to film photography – it just seemed time and money consuming. Nevertheless, after being introduced to my Diana F+ on my birthday, it was like entering the wardrobe doors to Narnia. A completely new world was unleashed right before my eyes! Even from the start, picking out which film to buy was such a tough decision. With so many different options, I had no idea which one would be perfect for my lomographs. I grabbed the one closest to me, because analogue photography is about surprises, isn’t it?

Credits: amandaglass

After 24 clicks and a bunch of rewinding, my first roll was complete. Nobody could stop me now! I ate through my next 3 rolls and fell in love with everything about my camera like a fat boy loves cake. The fun had only begun! When I got my scanned prints back from the photo lab, I raced back home to upload them to my computer, and then suddenly… KABOOM! My photos were absolutely beautiful; even more beautiful than my favorite celebrity. I laughed, I smiled, and I even emailed some to my family and friends. I scrolled through my photos and stopped a couple times thinking, “what is this?” or, “when did I take this?”

The joy of analogue photography will never come to an end for me. I’ve fallen in love with my camera, and just doubles the fun. Well, do you believe in love at first lomo?

Credits: amandaglass

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    How come all of the photos are rectangular? And 120 rolls only have 12 shots, not 24

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    well, @natalieerachel there is the 35mm back - but that one is not mentioned at all in this article. the film is tagged with lomography cn 400 - but there is no 24 exposure lomo film (the klick max has 24 exposures, but not the lomo cn 400) and there is no vignetting using the 35mm back, so i guess there is just many information missing

  3. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    I don't get it either

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