Spotted: Diana F+ Glow in the Dark in DJ Medhi Video


Our Diana F+ Glow in the Dark made a brief appearance in an homage to music visionary DJ Medhi called “Signatunes,” originally directed by Romain Gavras. Watch the clip and spot this glowing dude!

Attributed to the hipster, as well as the fixie (fixed-gear bike), bearded or thick-rimmed glasses wearers, our Diana F+ Glow in the Dark appears in a video directed as a tribute to DJ Medhi, one of the biggest DJs and producers, who passed away last year. A visionary, he knew how to skillfully navigate between hip- hop and electronic, producing some of the most iconic tracks of the French urban scene.

Before watching the full self-mockery and ironic version directed by Hadrien Favreau, I invite you to first look at the original version of the clip, directed by Romain Gavras, which plunges us into the world of tuning somewhere in the north of France…

Signatune bis – Homage to DJ Medhi — Director : Hadrien Favreau

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark captures the same dreamy, lo-fi, medium format images as the original Diana F+. Born to shine, just warm her up under strong lights and watch her glow! See her with the rest of the Diana Clones here !

written by fredericdith on 2012-03-26 #news #videos #france #diana #glowinthedark #djmedhi #signatune
translated by jeffr

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  1. pcrlaban
    pcrlaban ·

    It also has a fisheye lens! Hipsterrr :)

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