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Israeli singer-songwriter Oren Lavie and his immensely successful stop motion video for his song ‘Her Morning Elegance’ has begun recollecting the photographic stills, sold to fans world-wide, used in the making of the video! The project aims to have each collector send a photograph of the framed, single edition print back to Her Morning Elegance to display in their gallery.

Images via The Gallery of Her Morning Elegance

The above photos are those submitted by fans across the globe who purchased a one-of-a-kind edition still photograph from the stop motion video, seen below. 2096 stills make up the music video. Some have been snatched up, framed, and currently adorn the apartments of adoring fans while the remaining ones are still for sale. Oren Lavie latest endeavor was creating the project to ‘recollect’ the frames scattered all over by photographs taken of then in their new environment.

When looking through the gallery, of fan submitted photos, a feeling overcomes me that’s similar to when viewing Mise en abyme works of art purely because they are photos of photos even though they do not contain or have infinitely recurring smaller copies within smaller copies of the original.

And, speaking of originals…

Images via The Gallery of Her Morning Elegance

Her Morning Elegance is from the 2009 album The Opposite Side of the Sea. The stop motion music video, available below for your viewing pleasure, was directed by the multi-talented Lavie himself who is also a playwright and theater director. The sensational video received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Short Form Music Video”, breaking the YouTube record for most highly rated video.

We sure dig it!

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor post.

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    Ahh, I saw this awhile ago and I'm in love with the video. Glad this was shared!

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