Nature + Love = Fun Pre-Nup Shoot

Pre-nuptial shoot has become a necessity or a requirement when preparing for a wedding. I remember before, the shoots only took place on the wedding day itself. But now, pre-nup shoots have become inevitable or has become an event itself.

Credits: boobert

We all have seen different themes and concepts for pre-nuptial shoots. From the classic 50s or 60s themes to the absurd. These different themes and concepts do take a lot of planning and preparations, thus costing more. But for couples who are working on a budget, friends are always good to turn to. That was what my couple-friend did. They asked us, their friends, to do their pre-nuptial shoot. Of course, having a DSLR was very essential but this couple wanted a lomo shoot as well. The next thing we thought about was which place to do the shoot. We suggested that if their budget is that tight, we might as well go to a park. And so we all agreed to hold it at La Mesa Eco Park.

Credits: boobert

There was no theme or concept that was planned for the pre-nup shoot. The couple just wanted to have a fun day of picture taking with friends. While most of us also haven’t been there, it was also a chance to enjoy nature and relax a bit. It was an easy shoot, more like a lomowalk for me. There wasn’t any pressure for us who were taking the photos to come up with something spectacular. The couple was very comfortable with doing a shoot in a public place and while having mother nature as backdrop. The cool breeze and just the sight of tall trees made it all very comfortable.

Credits: boobert

It didn’t take long to finish the shoot so we all still had time to hang around the park and catch up. We regretted not bringing food and things needed to have a picnic. But just to have a chance to visit a nice park and spend time with friends made that day perfect. Also, just perfect for our friend-couple to have a pre-nuptial shoot that didn’t cost them much.

written by boobert on 2012-03-02 #places #nature #trees #location #eco-park #escape-from-the-city #pre-nuptial-shoot

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