Orinoco Ochre: La Sardina's Wild Side


The new La Sardina Orinoco Ochre is more than just a pretty orange thing and ‘another version’ of the La Sardina range. Its color, details, and feel make this camera shoot-worthy and a must-have!

In celebration of the new wild animal line of Lomography, me and a friend took part in the wild animal themed scavenger hunt at the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam. The price we aimed for? One of the beautiful new cameras we could choose in case we won. To make the long story short, we WON!!! For the prize, we chose the bright orange, daring, slightly arrogant-and-scary-looking La Sardina Orinoco Ochre (with flash!).

As it being the first La Sardina camera for me, it was a whole new experience in comparison to the cameras I already own. WIth just a small twist of the lens, you’re ready to shoot, and the settings are easy to adjust, which makes you even faster ready to snap the world around you.

What is special about the Orinoco Ochre version is not only its bright orange color or its cute reptile-eyed lens cap (I always had a thing for reptiles since I was 8 years old), it also feels different. It doesn’t have the metallic feel of other La Sardina cameras, but it feels soft and alive because of the reptile-leather look cover which is way softer than the normal outline of a plastic camera.

And of course the name; it speaks of unknown places and undiscovered territory (the camera is probably named after the Orinoco, a river in South America). It makes shooting with this La Sardina just a little bit more exotic and exciting, although its performance is just as good as any La Sardina.

With its relative wide angle lens, there will be a 99,9% chance (of course you must always include a certain risk percentage…) that your chosen subject will appear on your photo. But not without the surprise effect where lomo-shooting stands for.

So, the La Sardina Orinoco Ochre is a very nice addition to the Lomography line, and if you are still in the process of choosing a camera, this one is a very very good option. It feels nice, it looks incredible (people will start to stare, but take that for granted), it comes with a powerful and multifunctional flash (and some colored caps to add a little more color to your flash-pictures), and the reptile details (like the snake on the rewind button and the eye on the lens cap) make it just a very pretty thing to look at.

Great for those of you who like the more exotic things in life, but when you’re not ready to take a real snake into your house…

The photos in this article are a result of our scavenger hunt, shot with a La Sardina.

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  1. merelgroebbe
    merelgroebbe ·

    Yes that is a really special feature ;) Ofcourse I was just showing of this pretty thing INCLUDING the snake eye-lens cap ;)

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