Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 63: Fisheye Camera Recap - Other Thoughts


What else do we think about the Fisheye? Hmm…find out after the jump.

*Although the Fisheye 2 has a metal coating on its body and lens, it’s not actually bullet proof. It’s not even knife proof. But if a duck is really pissed at you, it could probably protect you from his beak.

*If you suspect that your photo subject will not appreciate his/her likeness being captured by your camera, then walk up extra-close with the fisheye and say “oh, there’s a bit of guacamole on your nose. Here let me wipe it off with my lens.” And then – CLICK – you snap the photo from an inch away and hotfoot it out of there.

*With the Fisheye 2, you never have to worry about eating too many carbs. Just the act of holding it in your hand serves to efficiently burn off any oversupply of carbohydrates in your body. Go ahead and eat five pieces of bread at a time – it won’t stick to your hips.

*Certain werewolves can have their true natures instantly revealed when a Fisheye 2 is placed near them. If you’re shooting someone and they suddenly start to howl and grow fur, then get the hell out of there – lest you be clawed to death and eaten! Also, if you don’t see a person’s reflection in the viewfinder – then they are definitely a vampire.

*If you’re skydiving and have to choose between a parachute and the Fisheye 2, then the choice is a no-brainer. Hitting the ground may hurt a bit, but those photos are going to be AMAZING!

*The Fisheye 2’s lens looks a bit like a metal nose. Try fooling your friends by wearing an extra-long shirt. Tape the Fisheye 2 onto the top of your head, pull the collar up over your head (so that it sits right below the camera), and place a baseball cap on top of the camera. Walk over to your friends and say “Uhh guys, I’m kind of sick. The doctors had to shrink my head down and wrap my nose and cheeks in metal. I don’t even have eyes or a mouth anymore.” If they run away in terror then forget about them – they were never really your friends in the first place.

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