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Hong Yi, or ‘Red’, is an artist who paints with anything but a paintbrush! Currently based in Shanghai, Red has started a series of large scale portraits featuring famous Asian personalities. So far she’s painted Yao Ming and Jay Chou, using a different, relevant, tool to paint with for each. Take a guess before all’s revealed after the jump!

Image via Oh I see Red!

While sipping on her morning brew, Red decided to use the spillage from her coffee set swishing to paint with. Her portrait subject? The multi-talented singer-songwriter Jay Chou. While using coffee stains to create the large portrait may appear random, it was calculated, and poetically so! Inspired by the opening and closing lines to his song Secret. As Red explains “the opening line is about lifting up a coffee cup off the saucer, and the ending of the song is about autumn leaves and fragmented pieces.”

See Red in action in the video below!

The first project in her series featured Chinese basketball star Yao Ming. It’s already hard to keep a basketball in motion when dribbling so close to the ground, though can you imagine doing it with sticky paint? Heck, can you imagine painting it with? Red sure did… just check her in ‘all star’ action below!

Image via Oh I see Red!

Hats off to her for pulling it off, her second time round, as she states on her website “10 seconds into the project and it was already a big fail – the wind was super strong, and all 12 pieces of paper… were blown away. I was really disappointed, and doubts started creeping in…was I able to do this?” Yes indeed!

This article was inspired by this Devour post.

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    She is from Sabah, Malaysia! =D

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