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San Miguel by the Bay is located at the back of Mall of Asia, Pasay. It has quickly become one of my favorite date spots. Read on! :)

San Miguel by the Bay is one of the busiest places in Manila at night. It is lined with bars, restaurants, food stands, rides and attractions for both kids and adults. But I didn’t fall in love with its share of the city nightlife – I fell in love with it in the morning after.

A view of San Miguel by the Bay and the largest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines

It was a typical day and I had the chance to get off early at work. My boyfriend picked me up at work to spend the rest of the day together. It was one of those spontaneous right-at-the-moment dates and we were thinking of what to do and where to go. Unfortunately, we were both pretty strapped for cash that day so our options were very limited.

Finally, one of us decided to go to Mall of Asia since it’s nearest to where we were. We just windowshopped and walked around until we got to San Miguel by the Bay. We just hung out there sitting and talking for hours. Time seemed irrelevant and neither of us wanted to leave the place just yet. Everything was perfect – the weather, the quiet stillness, and the gentle breeze from the Manila Bay. It was very different from the lively and loud atmosphere at night. In a way, it is “an escape from the city” in a city!

Good thing I brought along my camera to take some shots. Here are some of them.

All pictures were shot with a Ricoh KR5-SII with a Lomo Redscale XR 50-200 film

Definitely this place will be among my top go-to places for a quick getaway.

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    nice photos.

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    thanks jochan!

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