Artistic Arrangements of Matchsticks and Toothpicks

Can you envision a sculpture make entirely out of toothpicks and matchsticks? Would the red tips, with which you strike for a reaction that brings about fire, hinder or help you? The artistic mind behind the following, ’stag’gering, creations knows exactly how, and is a true visionary!

Image via My Modern Met

Artist, and creator of these delicate sculptures, Jay Wilson is also a full-time professor of design in Toronto. While Wilson’s artistic procedure is structured, he’s also inclined to answer to calls of spontaneity, welcoming contradiction that’s conducive to his creative process.

It must be difficult trying to envision your master matchstick piece when it comprises hundreds of individual splinters of wood. Just imagine the laborious process of actually piecing it together! Luckily for our artist a community of collaborators, who aren’t tempted to play a game of pick-up sticks, help in putting the pieces together.

Images via My Modern Met

And just how are the pieces put together? Glue and T-pins are the only adhesives Wilson uses. We suppose you have to be skilled to hunt deer, though what we do know is that to create these antler wearing animals out of the tools you use to pick itsy-bitsy pieces of food out of your teeth, you have to do it with finesse.

How he can create almost-replicas of the four legged creatures as seen above are over my head, though while we’re talking about being over one’s head let’s admire the cursive lettering Wilson’s worked into the mix, each bearing a positive message.

Images via Jay Wilson

Some of Wilson’s 3D (more noticeably 3D, that is) works include the coral-like pieces above, the first one measuring 54 cm (21") wide and 75 cm (30") long! The color seen was added using the process of Flocking. Another way Wilson adds color to his pieces is with pencil crayon, as done in the Try Less and Yes Yes motivational deer pieces.

This article was inspired by this My Modern Met article.

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