Oktomat: Our World in Eight Pieces

Oktomat – an illustrated exhibition report using an eight-lens camera to view our everyday surroundings in eight pieces!

Created by me, Rebecca Tibbutt, a 26-year-old photographer from Worcester, the Oktomat takes a look at the world around us, seen in eight pieces.

Having studied at Hereford Art College and gained a 2.1 BA Hons degree, I now exhibit my work widely in the local area. I have a great interest in Abstract and Experimental Photography including of course, Lomography.
This series seen here will be on exhibition throughout the month of March at Upton Gallery in Upton Library.

Using the Oktomat eight-lens camera, I have captured the everyday, shop windows, close ups of billboards etc. to allow me and viewers of the exhibition to experience the world eight times over!

Eight unique little pieces of one great whole. I want the images to challenge preconceptions and open up debate as to what their exact content is, the symbolism they contain and the surreal appearance they all have in common.

The images are simply entitled “8”. However each one is called eight in a different language from Spanish to Polish. I felt that this was an appropriate way to get people to further question the whole idea of Photography being a visual language as well as the fact that no matter what language you speak you can interpret these images in your own unique way. What do you think?

written by becket on 2012-04-01 #people #lifestyle #oktomat #abstract #exhibition #places #everyday-life

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