100% Recycled LCD Style Greeting Cards

Yellow Owl Workshop has recently created some fantastic limited edition cards. The LCD Write Your Own Message Debossed Card is 100% green, created out of post-consumer waste recycled paper. The boring flat surface that is often greets you inside a traditional greeting card is no more! And with grooves, like stencils, as your guide, no unsteady hand has to worry ever again!

Image via Yellow Owl Workshop

As you can figure, from the lack-the-of of wires trailing off like tails behind the card, it’s not electrified. All the better, because the prone-to-error method of penning in your message comes as a challenge, which may-or-may-not be exciting! Also, it gave Yellow Owl Workshop reason to include a ‘reference alphabet’.

Image via Yellow Owl Workshop

I don’t know about you but when I was learning Cursive in primary school I didn’t much enjoy it. So, I decided to write as a robot would, and my written alphabet quite closely resembled the one above!

So, for all you lovers of this robot-esque style of font, this is a fantastic, minimalistic, and green way for you to share messages with your very human friends!

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor post.

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