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Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Boris the Pass-On-Lomo! I hail from the far end of mother Russia and I’ve traveled to the Netherlands for some fun-filled sleepovers. Right now I’m gathering my strength for my adventures in this cold little country, and starting next week I’ll be checking out the lives of some of its inhabitants. Want to know more? Read on!

In a wooden box, covered in stamps, priority stickers and with the word FRAGILE all over the parcel Boris will be travelling through the Netherlands! Don’t worry, Boris isn’t going to starve on his travels, we’re making sure that he’ll travel with enough rolls of film to eat and we’re also pairing him up with his trusty and slightly whacky sidekick: The Colorsplash Flash.

Boris is excited to be travelling through the Netherlands. We’ve already told him what kind of crowd he’ll be hanging out with and he’s looking forward to his adventures with art directors, famous Dutchies, photographers, filmmakers and other interesting people. Who exactly? No one really knows. Every host will be the one to decide where Boris will go next! After 2 weeks of filmish fun the host will be sending Boris to his next destination to see how they live their lives. Every day the host will shoot 2 pictures with Boris and after 14 days they’ll send the full roll and a departure card back to Lomography where the techs will develop the roll and make a magazine post of the departure card. That way everyone can join in the fun and games that is Boris the Pass-On-Lomo!

Oh! And every host passing Boris on to the next will also pass along a fun assignment!

So, every 2 weeks you’ll be getting a new update from Boris and his hosts. Can’t wait? Become friends with Boris on Facebook or follow his adventures on Twitter with the hashtag #borisdedoorgeeflomo.

We’ll let Boris do his own introduction here:

Just like you guys, we’re super excited to see where Boris will go, with who, what he’ll do and how the pictures will turn out! IF Boris reaches your house, will you make sure he’s treated nicely? Pamper him, let him make friends, feed him and give him all the analogue loving you can!

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