Flashbacks on Film: Fading Away


Henry Peach Robinson was a photographer known for his technique of combining prints to form a single photograph. One on his most popular photos is ‘Fading Away’. Read on for more information.

Photo via Wikipedia - Fading Away

Henry Peach Robninson was an English photographer who experimented with combination printing. He started out as a bookseller in the 1850’s while pursuing his studies in art. A few years later, he began taking photographs but his career didn’t start there. After a few years, he met photographer Hugh Welch Diamond and that’s when he decided to set up his own studio to sell portraits.

In 1864, Robinson fell ill due to exposure to photographic chemicals. It was then that he decided to work on combining his photos manually instead of doing it in the darkroom. The photo above entitled ‘Fading Away’ is the most popular photo that he did. The photo shows a girl who is suffering from tuberculosis. The combination printing technique has some advantages for photographers back in the day. Taking a few photographs and putting them together allowed them total control over the composition of the photo. Since photos back then had a thin depth of field, combining several photos gives the illusion of deep focus. ‘Fading Away’ is said to have been composed out of 5 negatives.

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